Burglar proof your home

Burglar proof your home

Adding certain security measures to your home is a must these days, regardless of where in the world you choose to live. Unfortunately, leaving doors open and windows unlocked simply aren’t an option, but the last thing you want to do is spend an enormous amount of money trying to burglar proof your home, right?

Thus, without breaking the bank in order to keep your family safe and secure, you may want to add the following burglar proofing ideas to your to-do list – ensuring that you’re able to up your home security without going broke.

1. Add window alarms.

When searching for certain burglar proof tips, there’s always the option of adding window alarms – alerting you once a window was opened without your knowledge. As an easy attachment, you can affordably increase your home security with a simple add-on to your window.

2. Install window coverings.

Of course, before breaking in, burglars first scope the area to determine whether anyone’s home or even the best places to break in. They may even have a look to see whether you have anything worth taking before making their big entry. Thus, it’s always handy to add affordable window blinds to your ground floor windows. Not only does it add a little bit of character and warmth to your home, window blinds also act as a home security measure.

3. Opt for a security screen door.

As the main means of entry into your home, your front door needs to be secured in order to prevent easy access for any burglar. Thus, Crimsafe Regular Security Screens by Wynstan USA offers you the peace of mind and security you’re after without having to add unsightly burglar bars. Remember, although home security is important, you still want to ensure that your home looks aesthetically pleasing.

“Enjoy a high level of airflow into your home but still keep the pesky bugs out! Coated with corrosion-resistant additives, Crimsafe mesh is easily cleaned and when maintained has a lifespan of approximately 65 years.”

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4. Purchase a security screen for your windows.

Without compromising your overall view, the Crimsafe Security Screens by Wynstan allows you to experience freedom with the added bonus of tightly securing your windows from burglars. Made out of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, the Crimsafe security screens can’t be cut, kicked in or pried loose. When trying to figure out how to burglar proof your windows, never forget to add a security screen.

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5. How about a garage timer?

There are times when you simply forget to close the garage door after entry, whether due to being so busy unpacking groceries after a trip to the grocery store or using your garage door as an entry into your front yard for various purposes, which is where a garage timer comes in quite handy. Automatically closing after a certain time has passed, you can rest assured that your garage door will close even if you forget to do it yourself.

Figuring out affordable ways on how to burglar-proof your house will not only keep your family safe and offer peace of mind when you’re not home, but also save you money in the short-term. Remember, you always have to be one step ahead of a burglar; thinking in terms of the easiest way to break into your home and finding ways to cover the loophole.

Regardless of where you’re situated, you can never be too safe, otherwise, you might find yourself regretting your lack of home security. At the end of the day, your home remains your safe haven – keeping you safe from exterior hazards. Never skimp on your ability to feel secure.


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