5 french country decorating ideas for your bedroom

5 french country decorating ideas for your bedroom

Thinking of adding a certain je ne sais quoi or beauty to your bedroom that is straight out of a magazine? As any woman would know, your bedroom is the one place where you get to be anything you want. You can pretend to be a wealthy French heiress or a country gal exploring the west with simple, yet elegant French country décor for your bedroom by adding bits and pieces to accentuate the style.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune, but you do need to add certain detail here and there in order to make the décor scream a little bit of French with a hint of country mixed in with it.

Thus, if the idea of adding sophistication, elegance, class, and a little bit of wild appeals to you, why not follow these French country decorating ideas for your bedroom?

1. Add a metal garden bench.

In order to bring your headboard and the edge of your bed together, you can always add a metal garden bench to the end of your bed. Place comfortable cushions and pillows in order to be able to use your bench and add a little bit of country to a French décor style.

2. Choose a hint of pastels.

You need to soften the entire look by adding a coat of pastel paint, in whichever color you prefer, to your existing furniture – such as your cupboard and side tables. It’ll add a level of comfort and softness to the room in order to balance out the rustic, country feel.

3. Opt for an iron garden gate headboard.

As easy as it would be to purchase a brand new headboard to add to your bedroom, you simply can’t buy character with an iron garden gate found in your backyard. Be sure to get rid of dirt, rust, and debris and make a country statement in your bedroom. Besides, you can’t get more cost-effective than an old garden gate for a hint of rustic.

4. Incorporate interior plantation shutters.

By adding the above-mentioned iron décor pieces, it’s always advisable to change the material by adding basswood interior plantation shutters for a little bit of softness and detail. Sourced from sustainable growth forests, you don’t have to worry about impacting the environment simply to enjoy your new bedroom.

“For paint finishes, we use five coats of two-part polyurethane paint – giving you ultimate longevity with no fading, warping or peeling. Perfect installation is assured with our specialist team, and you can have peace of mind with our Wynstan Warranty.”

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5. Remember the touch of wood.

You simply can’t incorporate French country décor for your bedroom without adding hints of wood. Whether you add wooden ornaments to your side tables or a wooden mirror, you need to ensure that all the right elements and tied together in order to pull off the entire French country look and feel. Besides, wood looks amazing next to a little bit of iron.

When searching for French country decorating ideas on a budget, keeping an eye open for hidden items around you may save you plenty of money. By adding a coat of paint to an existing piece of furniture, you’re able to turn a dull, characterless bedroom into a French, rustic country look and feel without searching far and wide for the perfect items.

Remember, it’s all about making your house a home. Whether you prefer a clean, sophisticated feel or a French country look, we’re here to help you choose the perfect, most affordable window blinds to suit your decorating needs.


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