5 Home Decorating Tips For Small Spaces

Few of us are lucky enough to live in large, luxurious homes; especially if you happen to live in the city – any city. We’re often stuck with small, cramped spaces with very little storage space in which we’re supposed to build a life. Depending on your location, even then are apartments expensive, so you take what you can get and make it work, right?

Living in a small space doesn’t mean the end of the world, only life as you once knew it. There are ways in which you can turn a small space into the illusion of a large living area; ensuring that you’re able to enjoy every nook and cranny even if your whole apartment is as big as the average bathroom.

Remember to keep the following home decorating ideas for small apartments in mind the next time you go shopping:

1. Incorporate Your Fair Share Of Mirrors.

Mirrors not only allow light to bounce around in the room for added brightness, it also adds the illusion that your living space is much bigger than it actually is. Seeing as mirrors can be quite pricey depending on where you shop, you may want to have a look at your local second-hand store for mirrors with antique character and a better price range.

2. Install Custom Fabric Roman Blinds.

Instead of choosing shutters which open up into your living space, opt for affordable window blinds in the form of custom fabric Roman blinds which open up vertically in order to allow a little bit of sunlight to enter the room. With the added option of being able to choose the exact fabric to suit your decorating style, you’re able to customise your living space by simply finding the right type of window covering for privacy and comfort.

3. Think Vertical Instead Of Horizontal.

When searching for decorating tips for small spaces, you may want to think about looking upwards. We’re often urged to place storage options at eye level or lower, but that requires having to take up more space than you can afford. Thus, why not make use of floating shelves and tall cupboards? Always think in vertical terms when dealing with a small space in order to make use of space often forgotten.

4. Make Use Of Space Underneath Your Bed.

One of the best-wasted spaces happens to be underneath your bed. Make custom storage bins in which you can hide away any out of season clothing or things you simply don’t currently need. That way, you can easily reach those items by simply getting down on your knees and pulling out the storage bins. Always think smart in small spaces.

5. Choose A Foldaway Dining Room Table.

Small living spaces can often eliminate the added luxury of a dining room table, which is why it’s best to choose a foldaway table which you can attach to the wall and use when need be. It’ll open up plenty of room when you’re not having a dinner party without having to feel cramped and restricted in your own home. Use comfortable chairs which can be used elsewhere in your apartment when your dining room table is tucked away for maximum use of a small space.

As much as you may want to live in a larger space, there’s nothing cozier than a small space decorated to suit your style needs with a few throw pillows and a fluffy rug. You can easily create an atmosphere without having to spend a fortune; ensuring that you’re able to save money whilst enjoying the true ambiance.

Need help choosing the right type of window covering without spoiling your view? Arrange your free consultation with Wynstan in order to find a window blind to match your budget and décor style.


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