7 budget friendly room makeover tips

7 budget friendly room makeover tips

If you’re tight on a budget but feel the need to introduce a little bit of change to your living room or bedroom, it’s important to know that you don’t have to stretch your budget in order to achieve your desired look. There are ways in which you can introduce cheap decorating tips in order makeover your home without it looking inexpensive.

Feeling intrigued? Keep the following budget-friendly room makeover tips in mind when redecorating your home. Remember, cheap isn’t always tacky and expensive isn’t always sophisticated.

1. Use wrapping paper for art.

Adding art to your home doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be expensive; especially when you’re able to be creative on your own terms. One of the easiest and most inexpensive room makeover tips involve a little bit of your favorite wrapping paper and a frame for the blank space. If you have an old frame laying around, even better. Choose wrapping paper of your choice (that’ll match your décor) and place it inside the frame. Having art on your walls can be cheap without compromising on style.


2. Introduce greenery.

What better way to add the natural element to your home décor than by adding a few plants in open spaces. Not only do plants make you happier simply by having them around, they’re also great for adding color in an inexpensive way. If you’re not too keen on having to water them on a daily basis, why not opt for fake flowers/plants. There are some on the market that can’t look any more real even if you tried. They’re a great option for individuals who need the color but can’t manage to keep live plants alive.


3. Add a new coat of paint.

When trying to introduce cheap decorating tips, it’s always beneficial to remember that a little bit of paint can go a long way. Whether you choose to add color to an accent wall or you decide to repaint your wooden furniture, it’s a budget-friendly option for homeowners who feel the need for a change but don’t want to blow their budget. Remember to cover the floor with protective sheeting before attempting to DIY your home makeover. The last thing you want to be stuck with is cleaning your floors after the fact.


4. Purchase new pillows.

Pillows can be expensive but they don’t necessarily have to be. Changing up the pillow choices on your couch or bed can mean the difference between an ordinary setting a refreshing new change – simply by changing up the material choices in the room. Remember to fluff them before completing your makeover to add an element of freshness to your new addition. Remember, along with a new coat of paint, adding fresh new material to the room can have a dramatic effect on its look and feel.


5. Hang various mirrors.

Mirrors have a way of opening up a room and creating the illusion of space where there may not be much. They also have the ability to add brightness to a room without having to change the wall colors or add new lighting. However, don’t choose just any old mirrors. If your décor allows for it, choose vintage mirrors with detail in order to make a wall statement all on their own. Remember, mirrors don’t have to be expensive. You can easily find antique items hidden away in thrift stores or garage sales.


6. Choose the correct lighting.

Lighting can do wonders to a room – more than you’d believe. Even if there’s nothing else you decide to change in the room, switching up your lighting in order to highlight certain angles in your home or add softer shades of light to create a unique feel, spending a little bit of money on this particular cheap decorating tip will be worthwhile. If you’re able, you can also hang the wiring from the ceiling and attach glass bottles or the lightbulb itself in order to create a statement. It’s rustic and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to create a unique look.


7. Invest in custom printed blinds

Have you ever wanted to bring nature indoors or create a different look by simply rolling down your window blinds? Apart from being an affordable home makeover tip, custom printed blinds offer the ability to protect your furniture from harsh summer sun whilst allowing for extra privacy from prying eyes with the added benefit of changing your home décor on a whim. Having custom printed blinds means that you can have the best of both worlds whilst adding a personalized decorating option.


Whether you’d like to add a nature scene to the window blinds or prefer having a more personalized feel with images from your life, you’re able to have it all without having to choose between cheap decorating tips and style.

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Deciding to make over the interior of your home ca be an adventurous, yet inexpensive journey of self-discovery – figuring out which items you’d like to be surrounded with and how to personalize your house in order for it to feel like a home.

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