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7 simple ways to improve home privacy

7 simple ways to improve home privacy

Regardless of where you live or the size of your home, having the possibility of prying eyes is always a concern to those who prefer to live a more quiet, secluded life without someone watching their every move. However, you always want to ensure that being able to create privacy in and around your home falls into your budget – keeping your whereabouts secure and your wallet full.

Thus, when it comes to improving your home’s privacy, keep the following affordable and aesthetically pleasing options in mind:

1. Put up fences.

Although this may not be the least expensive option, it is a great choice for homeowners who’d want to protect their home’s privacy from the outside. With so many various styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right type of fence for your privacy needs. Keep in mind that a fence won’t add much privacy to your home if you happen to have a second story home. You’d need to add extra layers of privacy protection to keep prying eyes out.

2. Plant evergreens.

This particular privacy option is becoming ever more popular and a favorite amongst those who want to keep the natural elements and make it work in their favor. This is a particularly great choice for avid gardeners who have the time to spend in the garden and allow the plants to grow. In order to mix it up a little and add color where color is due, you can always incorporate a few rose bushes along the side of your home to ensure added barriers from anyone who do make it past the greenery.

3. Install roller blinds.

With dozens of colors and textiles to choose from, you’re able to have the best of both worlds. Apart from being protected from incoming sunlight on your furniture, you’re also able to maintain your privacy and improve your décor by installing classic roller blinds in your home. Offering a sheer curtain look alike feel to them, classic roller blinds can also be replaced with double roller blinds for extra privacy and blockage from the early morning sun (if you prefer to sleep in and don’t enjoy a peeping Tom).With the double roller blinds, you’re able to mix and match fabrics in order to create a unique look to suit your décor.

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4. Add custom print blinds.

Why have plain window blinds when you can install custom print blinds to add to your décor? Perhaps you’d like to bring the outdoors into your living room or add wall art in places where your windows are. With custom print blinds, you’re able to add your own special touch to your window blinds whilst still protecting your home’s privacy. It’s a unique idea and will completely transform your décor when in use – offering a budget-friendly option for giving your living room or bedroom an instant makeover.

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5. Build brick walls.

As a more secure and permanent option compared to installing a fence, brick walls can be built as tall as you wish with added security protection into your property. Depending on your location, it may not be a popular option for protecting your home’s privacy, but it’s definitely an effective one. Yes, depending on the type of bricks you choose, it can become quite pricey so it’s important to be 100% sure of your decision before building your fort.

6. Place windows strategically.

Although it may be quite a mission to change the location of your windows after your home has been built, it’s definitely a wise tip to take into consideration before building your dream home – if you’re able to build it from scratch. Take into consideration the placement of your neighbors as well as the street view. Who will have access to your windows from outside? Remember, although you may not be able to keep everyone from viewing your windows, there are alternative measures you can take once your windows are securely in place.

7. Opt for shutters.

Another great option for protecting your home’s privacy is the added bonus of being able to add shutters to your windows. Offering the illusion of real wood, our faux wood custom designed shutters can be the perfect solution to keeping your décor in check and adding extra privacy layers to a possible peeping Tom. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics that custom shutters offer, they’re also the perfect option for protecting your overall privacy.

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Remember, securing your home’s privacy doesn’t have to be expensive or ruin your interior décor choices. You can easily find the correct option to suit your needs and style by considering the above-mentioned tips – ensuring that you’re able to enjoy your home to its full capacity without feeling watched.

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