Looking for additional privacy for your abode? Fabric options range from blockout (for maximum privacy) to translucent and sunscreen.
Veri Shades® are a popular pick for their flexibility in control – simply adjust the fabric vanes to change the light levels and privacy required. Timber Venetians and Plantation shutters are also a classic, neat way of controlling visibility into your space. Options for outdoor spaces also include awnings, safety doors and aluminium shutters.

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  • Wynmotion Motorisation

    Wynmotion Lithium Rechargeable and Mains Powered motors are precisely engineered, painstakingly tested, then rigorously checked and re-checked to make sure it lives up to your standards and your high expectations. There are a range of Wynmotion motors for blinds and awnings of all sizes. All Wynmotion motors can be controlled by remote, or connected to a Wynmotion Smart Home System and operated via our custom Smartphone app.

  • Wynmotion Sensors

    Future living with Wynmotion isn’t just about luxury, but also a sense of safety. Wynmotion sensors can detect wind, changes in light and excessive motion or movement. These sensors can be configured to aide in insulating your home and, at the same time, protecting your products from damage.