Child Safety

Wynstan take its child care safety responsibilities very seriously.

Wynstan take its child care safety responsibilities very seriously.

Most people don’t give a second thought to the cords used to open and close curtains and blinds however, these seemingly innocent items are capable of strangling young children and babies.

It may only take just a few seconds for a baby or young child to become entangled in blind cords. This can happen when cords are too long or they end in a loop. If a child slips, moves quickly or plays with a cord, the cord can act like a noose and strangle the child.

This is why Wynstan ALWAYS fit a child safety device on every cord operated product. These safety devices are intended to remove the hazardous loop from the reach of children.

Our blinds are also supplied with installation instructions and it is very important that these instructions are followed.

When purchasing new made-to-measure blinds please feel free to ask your Sales Consultant to show you what safety features are available and make sure you understand how to use them.

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