5 important tips to childproof windows and blinds

5 important tips to childproof windows and blinds

As a parent, you’d do anything to protect your children from anything that could harm them lurking around outside, but often the most obvious objects in our homes are overlooked. Choosing the most suitable window blinds to match your décor choices could also mean added dangers to your children’s safety.

Highlighting National Window Cord Safety Month in October, parents are urged to childproof window blinds in the hopes of reducing choking hazards and heartbreaking fatalities. Thus, as a parent, it’s important to figure out how to make window blinds safe – especially if you have the pitter patter of little feet occupying your home.

1. Keep furniture away from windows.

There comes a stage when all your toddler wants to do is climb and explore. Thus, it’s important to keep furniture away from window blinds in order to prevent them from reaching and pulling on any chords. Let’s face it, they’re going to want to touch anything they’re not allowed to. So rather make it impossible for them to reach by placing heavy furniture in your home away from any windows – at least until they’re old enough to understand.

2. Cut the cord.

One of the easiest, most cost-effective means of childproofing your window blinds is simply by cutting the cord short enough not to be able to reach it. Also, don’t assume that tucking the cord behind the blind will make any difference. It’s a temptation that will surely be explored. Rather cut the cord and get on with it, unless you’re able to go completely cordless.

3. Install motorized window blinds.

Not only are motorized window blinds extremely convenient for you, it also eliminates the fear of getting strangled whilst keeping your window blinds cleaner for longer. “Automation is safer for your home life – kids can’t get tangled, batteries are hidden, and there’s no manual labor involved. Your window coverings will last longer due to reduced wear and tear from winding up and pulling down manually. Better yet, the motors only need to be charged around four times a year, so you’re also saving on electricity costs.”

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4. Wrap ‘em up.

If you can’t cut the cords and you can’t go cordless, you might as well wrap it up in a bundle against the wall – high enough not to be able to reach of course. All you need is a simple cord cleat available at any hardware store tightly secured against the wall, wrap the cord neatly around the cord cleat, and you’re set. This solution keeps the cord out of harm’s way and provides an affordable child safe window treatment for any household.

5. Teach them well.

Of course, it all starts with education. If your child doesn’t know why s/he should play with the cord, chances are, they’re going to fiddle every chance they get when you’re not watching. You need to be firm and explain the consequences of playing with the window blind cords. Only then are you able to punish them accordingly if you catch them breaking the rules.

Knowing how to make window blinds safe will not only offer peace of mind to you, as the parent, but make playdates much more comforting for all involved. Knowing how easily an accident can happen, you can never be too safe.

Keep your children safe this October by instilling the above-mentioned childproof window blind tips for peace of mind and added safety in your home. With Wynmotion, your windows will never look back! Get in touch today.


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