Choosing Interior Plantation Shutters: Important Questions To Ask Yourself

As beautiful as interior plantation shutters may be; they may not be a décor favorite for everyone.

Requiring a specific interior look and feel in order to successfully pull off having interior plantation shutters installed, you need to be completely sure that this is the look you’d like to go for.

Thus, when in the market for new window coverings, it’s important to keep the following questions to ask when buying plantation shutters in mind in order to make an informed decision.

1. Should I Choose Basswood Or Fauxwood?

Apart from the fact that you can paint real wood shutters, the shutters can also be made into larger panels for a better view. Unfortunately, fauxwood interior plantation shutters need to be purchased in the color that you need and will use for years to come since you can’t paint over the existing color.

2. Will The Louvre Size Match My Windows?

If you have larger windows, it’s always advisable to go with larger louvre sizes – not only to match your window size, but also to accentuate the modern look and feel. Remember, it’s all about custom making your interior plantation shutters in order to ensure that they match your home and décor style as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ product.

3. Will They Match My Décor Choices?

Interior plantation shutters tend to make a room feel more homey and cozy – perhaps even accentuate a country look and feel. Choosing to add white interior plantation shutters can also make the space feel airier. So it’s important to know that your interior plantation shutters will become the focal point in the room. Always ensure that your décor style and window coverings match and complement one another.

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4. Which Type Of Material Should I Use In The Bathroom?

As beautiful as basswood plantation shutters may be, it always makes more sense to add fauxwood interior plantation shutters to moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom. Real wood may become warped whereas fauxwood can withstand moisture more easily without becoming damaged.

5. Is ‘Child-Proof- Important To Me?

If you have small children or animals in the house, you may want to consider installing interior plantation shutters over conventional window coverings with cords. Being cordless, interior plantation shutters look beautiful and offer a child-proof means of improving your privacy and décor style without placing anyone in harm’s way.

“Your Wynstan custom Plantation Shutters Sydney will stand the test of time with quality materials selected for style and strength. For paint finishes, we use two-pack polyurethane paint for both Fauxwood and Basswood. Our paint is environmentally friendly and complies with international standards. Perfect installation is assured with our specialist team, and peace of mind with our Wynstan Warranty.”

When it comes to choosing the right type of interior plantation shutter to suit your budget and overall needs, having professional input is always useful. Book your free in-home consultation with our expert team and we’ll visit for a free measure and quote.

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