Choosing Stainless Steel Security Screens: 5 Useful Tips

Securing your home means adding certain safety measures for peace of mind and added protection. However, with so many home security products available, it’s no wonder that you may be a bit confused about which products to choose in order to experience the full effect. As far as stainless steel security screens are concerned, it’s absolutely vital to know what to look for in order to purchase quality that’ll last you for quite some time.

Follow these useful tips when choosing stainless steel security screen doors:

Custom Fit Capabilities

There should absolutely be no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to choosing a stainless steel security screen door. Yes, there may be a standard door size in which most stainless steel security screen will fit, but you can’t rely on that. There needs to be a custom option in order to ensure that the stainless steel security screen fits your particular door perfectly in order to avoid any openings or unsecured spaces. Although the security screen can keep bugs and critters out, its main purpose is to protect you in your home.

Installation From A Professional

It simply isn’t enough that you’re given the stainless steel security screen with the goal of installing it yourself. In order to comply with security standards, your stainless steel security screen door needs to be installed by a professional/licenced installer who knows exactly what s/he’s doing. Besides, why do it yourself when someone else can do it for you?

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Superior Mesh Quality</>

It’s important to remember that the frame needs to be made from steel or aluminium, however, aluminium is less prone to corrosion which would then be the best option. The mesh needs to made out of stainless steel which allows you to still enjoy your view without compromising your security. However, without the mesh attached securely to the door frame, you’re mostly protecting yourself from bugs. Thus, the security screen needs to be riveted to the frame in order to offer superior safety and security.

Adhering To Security Standards

In order to ensure that your stainless steel security screen acts as more than just a fly screen, it needs to pass quite a few tests in order to safely protect you in times of need. Your steel security screen needs to pass:

  • Dynamic impact test
  • Salt spray test
  • Probe test
  • Pull test
  • Anti-jemmy test
  • Knife shear test

Thus, in order to comply with these standards, your steel security screen also needs to be installed by a trained professional – knowing exactly how to install your stainless steel security screen for maximum protection.

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Price Calculation

Although aluminium security screens are the cheapest on the market, they offer limited benefits compared to stainless steel security screens. Yes, it may cost more and possibly be the most expensive type of security screen on the market, but you’ll reap all the benefits of having protection from intruders and bugs alike, without compromising your overall view and freedom. It’s important to remember that safety screens are different from security screens, thus you need to purchase the correct mesh screen to suit your particular needs. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on safety, can you?

While it’s important to add extra safety measures to protect your family, it’s always best to make the entrance to your home your priority. Stainless steel security screen doors are always the first go-to home security product in order to keep burglars and bugs out without compromising your view or sense of freedom.

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