What are the different kinds of roman shades?

What are the different kinds of roman shades?

Decorating your home can be an exciting process to undergo; finding numerous décor styles that tickle your fancy and some you’d much rather stay away from. However, as far as window coverings are concerned, it’s absolutely necessary to decide on a specific style in order to create a cosy atmosphere and add comfort to the room. You simply can’t go wrong with choosing fabric Roman Shades to improve your décor style and stretch your budget – guaranteeing that your house becomes your home with a simple window blind addition.

With various types of custom fabric Roman Shades available on the market, you should definitely weigh up your options by matching the following criteria to your décor needs:


1.       Hobbled Fold Roman Shades

Perfect for home owners who’d like to add a little bit of character to their window coverings, hobbled Roman Shades adds a little bit of spunk to ordinary windows. Ideal for patterns which will continue once the window shade is pulled up to allow sunlight to enter, hobbled Roman Shades are the perfect choice for adding softness and personality to the room. Also known as waterfall shades, hobbled Roman Shades can be the perfect addition to any plain room.

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2.       Flat Roman Shades

If you’re a homeowner who’s interested in plain, sophisticated lines, then you simply can’t go wrong with flat Roman Shades – creating a clean look over your windows. Flat Roman Shades offer a modern and contemporary look – offering a smooth, solid look to easily decorate your windows without breaking your budget. Looking excellent in both solid and printed fabrics, you’re bound to leave an impressive statement without any hassles.


3.       European Fold/Relaxed Roman Shades

Creating a curve when pulled up, European Fold Roman Shades are ideal for formal dining rooms and restaurants where the fabric Roman Shades are left in one position most of the time. This offers a soft, more relaxed look compared to flat Roman Shades – made with small stitches which are attached to cord rings in order to create a less symmetrical look. Normally, European Fold Roman Shades are mostly meant for decorative purposes which add to the classic look and feel of the room.


4.       London Roman Shades

If whimsical is what you’re after, you simply can’t go wrong with a simple London Roman Shade to add to your overall décor plan. Similar to relaxed Roman Shades with the added ‘tails’ on the side, London Roman Shades are perfect for garden cottages and feminine décor styles. Be sure to choose your fabric well to avoid a window blind that’s too ‘busy’ – preferably sticking with a plain fabric choice.


5.       Balloon Roman Shades

Offering the best of both worlds, Balloon Roman Shades can either appear quite casual or somewhat formal – depending on whether you choose to roll them up or leave them hanging loose. If you do decide to go with Balloon Roman Shades, it’s best to choose softer fabrics which will conform to the overall look easier than thicker, more luxurious fabric choices. Therefore, if you do want to have two different looks at different times, it’s best to add this particular option to your décor style for freedom of choice.

Figuring out what kind of custom fabric Roman Shade will match your windows will determine the look and feel of the room. Whether you’re interested in a plain, sophisticated look or simply want to add personality to a plain window with a few folds, it’s important to ensure that you’re happy with what you end up choosing. Remember, since the window blinds are custom made to fit your windows specifically, it adds a sense of uniqueness and character.

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