Using Fabric Samples For Your Home Interiors


Are you planning on revamping your living space but don’t know where to start? Creating a direction for your home’s style can be an overwhelming task. With endless color pallets and styles to choose from, using fabric samples as a visual direction for your interiors takes the risky guessing out of the equation so you can focus on the fun stuff! This is where Wynstan’s free sample offer comes in, and we’re here to talk you through our top tips to sampling your way to a stylish home interior, without the stress!

Why do you need fabric samples?
The design and decoration of your home is the perfect way to breathe your own personal style into your interiors. The use of fabric samples gives you the ability to mix and match certain colors, patterns and textures to be able to reflect this into your home. Giving you the option to get a feel for your new window furnishings and ensuring you’re purchasing the perfect fabric for your home. Whether you’re focusing on your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room, Wynstan offers customers five free samples of their entire range of over 400 blind fabrics available. These selections include ranges with botanical, textures and prints and even a fun children’s inspired collection for the kids!

Mood Boards
If you’re looking at redesigning your space at home, you may want to create a mood board. Using samples of fabrics, textures, paints and props that influence the style you’re looking for will give you an overall concept of the interior and is a great way for you to make any adjustments before you start tackling the renovations on a larger scale!
We teamed up with Catherine from The Stables to create a collection of beautiful mood boards. One of our favorites is the Feminine Luxe mood board below. Catherine used marble, muted colors and a mixture of soft textures to create a beautiful airy interior perfectly suited to a bathroom or bedroom.

Using light
Once you have created a mood board and interior concept you love; it is time to test the functionality of your fabric samples. Peel the back off your Wynstan sample and place it up by a window. Keep it up there for a day or two and observe how your color choice looks during the day in the natural sunlight as well as at night when the lights are on. Not only is this a fool-proof method to ensuring you love your new blinds day in and day out, but it also gives you a great visual of your blind fabric in action!

Fabric samples are used for a variety of reasons and are a great place to start when designing your home interiors. Whether you’re creating mood boards or testing them out in different light around your home, samples give you peace of mind in knowing you’re investing in blinds that you will love for years to come. If you’re looking to give your home a fresh new feel, order your samples today… Oh, and did we mention that they’re free?!


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