Flat vs hobbled roman shades which is better?

Flat vs hobbled roman shades which is better?

Choosing fabric Roman Shades to cover your windows may be one of the classiest, most sophisticated means of adding character to the room – not to mention the fact that you’re able to customize the look and feel without compromising your sense of style. However, with so many various window shades available, you’re going to want to weigh them up to determine which would work best for your home décor.

Thus, when it comes to choosing between flat and hobbled Roman Shades, here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision:

Flat Roman Shades:


If simplicity and sophistication are what you’re after, choosing flat Roman Shades will be the best option. Made with one continuous piece of fabric without any frills and difficulties, flat Roman Shades are intended to cover your windows without adding too much detail to distract your eyes from the rest of your décor. Depending on the type of material and patterns chosen, the style of a flat Roman Shade creates simplicity and sophistication to your window shade choice.

Bold patterns

Flat Roman Shades are perfect for choosing bold patterns which will continue along each fold when pulled up to add a little bit of sunshine to the room – stacked accordion style when pulled up. Compared to alternative fabric Roman Shade choices, flat Roman Shades creates a sophisticated look which works well with bold or interesting patterns.


When allowing sunlight to enter the room, the flat Roman Shade folds stack into an accordion style to create simplistic structure without compromising the shade of your fabric Roman Shades. The structure creates a clean, neat look that can’t be found elsewhere with conventional window shades.

Fabric variety

The variety of fabric that can be used for flat Roman Shades offers the perfect window covering choice for decorating your windows according to your personal preference. However, it should be noted that your fabric choice needs to be thick enough to prevent faint sunlight from peeking through if you’d like to create the feel of blackout window shades.

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Hobbled Roman Shades:

Draws attention

There’s nothing that draws more attention and creates a unique look than hobbled Roman Shades – creating a waterfall effect when drawing the window shades up for added sunlight. Also known as Waterfall Roman Shades, this particular type of fabric Roman Shade adds a sense of uniqueness with the rippled look in order to create an added statement in your living space.

Creates softness

Compared to alternative window blinds, hobbled Roman Shades adds a sense of softness with the waterfall effect – also depending on the type of material chosen to construct your window shades with. Adding a delicate and soft aura to your home, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to implement a luxurious feel without too much effort.


Apart from the unique waterfall look that hobbled Roman Shades have to offer, they also allow your window coverings to flaunt a sense of uniqueness not often seen in too many homes. Besides, if looking different is what you’re after, you simply can’t go wrong with a few hobbled Roman Shades to complement your décor.

When considering flat vs hobbled Roman Shades to decorate your windows, knowing which type of Roman Shade would best suit your decorating style will set your window decorating apart from the rest. Regardless of the type of fabric Roman window shade you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll create a unique statement to complement the rest of your home’s décor.

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