Invest in the future. Why not automate your window coverings?

Wynstan offers blind and awning automation – Wynmotion! Say goodbye to cords and levers and say hello to streamline style and protection from the elements, all at the click of a button.



Automation is safer for your home life – kids can’t get tangled, batteries are hidden, and there’s no manual labor involved. Your window coverings will last longer due to reduced wear and tear from winding up and pulling down manually. Better yet, the motors only need to be charged around four times a year, so you’re also saving on electricity costs.

Installing Wynmotion automation is easy. We prepare the motor, install the electronics, test for resistance and noise, and insert the motor into your product.

The power to channel your automated system is in the palm of your hand – adjust the awnings for guests while you’re in the kitchen, or open the blinds from the comfort of your bed. The remote range reaches 218 yards outdoors and 32 yards indoors.

Wynstan Wynmotion Motorized Wand is perfect for any home. The affordable addition to the Wymotion range give you a cordless and clean aesthetic. The simple switch buttons on the wand do all the heavy lifting for you.

The Wynmotion app is designed and developed to integrate your automated Wynstan products with your Smart Home System. The app provides a greater level of
luxury and time-saving features that can be controlled from your smartphone anywhere.

Wynmotion sensors are also an option. The sun-wind sensors stay on constant alert, opening and closing internal and external blinds to best suit the temperature.

Add effortless luxury to your home with our unique engineered automation motors and enjoy peace of mind with a five-year warranty.

With Wynmotion, your windows will never look back! Get in touch today.

Can I have a spare remote? Can I connect to this on an app?

Wynstan offers a huge range of automation options to suit your home. There are programmable and sensor based solutions that can be installed to how you like it. We have single and multi-channel remotes as well as smartphone integration.

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