Wynstan offers the equivalent of a giant outdoor roller blind, also known as straight drop awnings and cafe blinds.



Straight Drop Awnings are used as a shading system for outdoor entertaining areas such as decks, patios and alfresco dining. Alternatively, they are installed on the outside of a window, providing shade for the interior and improving insulation.

Straight Drop Awnings run at a right angle to the ground – this means they do not protrude and are a perfect solution for windows next to fences, or entertaining areas next to pathways.

Wynstan offers a a range of acrylic and canvas fabrics, or choose a sunscreen fabric for superior protection from harsh UV rays. Straight Drop Awnings can also be made in clear PVC plastic, allowing protection from weather without the obstruction of views – ideal for cafes!

Straight Drop Awnings operate by crank control, which is simple and easy to use and requires little effort or force. For extra convenience, we recommend that you automate your awnings? With sun and wind sensors, your awnings can automatically retract in extreme weather. Motorised awnings can also be linked to your home automation system. Save energy and enjoy comfortable living with Wynmotion Automation.

The main styles of Straight Drop Awning are as follows:

  • Straight Drop Awning (Standard) – The standard Straight Drop Awning does not require posts or channels. Rather, when fully rolled down, the fabric fastens at the base using either straps or clips.
  • Cable Guide Awning – With a Cable Guide system, the fabric is attached to discreet metal cables which run down the side of the Awning. This is a particularly strong system and offers excellent resistance to wind.
  • Zip Channel Awning – In the Zip Channel Awning, the fabric is held in channels using an internal zip. This method of securing the fabric stops it from dislodging in strong wind and makes it the most secure of the channel systems.

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Will the colours fade?

Wynstan has a very broad range of fabrics with varying guaranteed lifespans, it is best to sit with one of our team and go through our product range.

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