Whisper Cellular Blinds

These advanced blinds feature a unique cellular structure resembling honeycomb. Air passing through the blinds gets trapped in the structure, which assists in noise reduction and energy efficiency. Whisper Cellular Shades can be customized for many different window shapes.  Their highly versatile bottom-up and top-down functions allow you to enjoy views while maintaining privacy intact. Whisper Shades are manufactured from a durable fabric, ideal for everyday use, yet fine enough to diffuse light into an ambient glow. The shades are operated manually by cord, or can be motorized.

Whisper Cellular Shades fit closely to your window edges to minimize light gaps and help reduce noise. The versatile frame construction of these shades makes them a perfect fit for horizontal skylights and angled loft windows.

Don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance – Whisper Cellular Shades are surprisingly strong and durable, with a lifespan of up to 15 years or more. Created from anti-static non-woven polyester, they are easy to clean and maintain. The fabric color palette includes pastels, warm whites and natural beiges. Regardless of your color choice, a streamlined, minimalist appearance is achieved with no visible seams, cords or cord holes.

Cellular Fabric range includes:

  • ²⁵/₆₄”  and ²⁵/₃₂” translucent
  • ²⁵/₆₄”  and ²⁵/₃₂” blockout
  • ²⁵/₃₂” sheer transparency

We install child safety devices on all products, but extra convenience and safety, why not automate your Whisper Cellular Shades? This automation allows you to control your shades with a huge amount of convenience and simplicity. Book your free in-home consultation today and we’ll visit for a measure and quote.