Three Ways To Secure Your Home

In addition to making your front door more secure, here are three more ways to secure your home:

#1 – Secure Valuables Out Of Sight

It’s uncommon for a thief to break into a home at random. More often, they have researched a neighborhood in advance to identify the homes that have items of value, and that are easy to break into.

Don’t make your home a target! While a criminal is unlikely to attempt to heist your mother’s antique grand piano you have displayed in your front window, they may take it as a sign that you have more valuable items within the home – even if you don’t. Play it safe by keeping all possessions that could be perceived as valuable away from windows and doors, and avoid displaying high-end sculptures, art or other items outside that could be seen as a sign of wealth.

#2 – Mind Your Landscaping and Lighting

It’s a simple fact: criminals prefer to break into a house unseen. This means taking cover in overgrown landscaping as they sneak around a house by day, or using an unlit side entrance by night. Make your home unwelcoming to thieves! Trim back any unruly shrubs or trees that obscure windows or doors, even if they’re high up. Look at your home from a criminal’s perspective and think about where you would take cover to hide and break in unseen. Wherever those places are, expose them, and light them up! Whether you choose cost-efficient solar lighting or startling motion-sensor lights, the idea is to shed light on your home’s points of entry to deter a would-be burglar.

#3 – Make Your Windows Impenetrable

If a thief can’t get in a door, they’re going to aim for a window. Modern criminals make quick work of most traditional window grills, punching them out and then quickly breaking the glass to gain entry.

Get windows grills that are hard as steel, and yet attractive and allow for optimal airflow. Crimsafe security grillesfeature Tensile Tuff Security Mesh, which is made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

Featuring a unique Mesh Clamp System that sandwiches and screws the mesh between two pieces of serrated metal, the result is the strongest screen you can get for your windows. Best of all, Crimsafe security grilles look and function exactly like any other grille, allowing plenty of airflow in, keeping pesky bugs out and maintaining the curb appeal of a home.

Wynstan Can Help Secure Your Home With Crimsafe Security Grilles

If you want to take more proactive measures to secure your home, Wynstan can help with custom window security grilles from Crimsafe. Contact us for a free in-home consultation and find out how easy it is to secure your home from thieves.


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