Why your home needs motorized window blinds and shades: 5 reasons

Why your home needs motorized window blinds and shades: 5 reasons

It’s only a matter of time before you have to explore the possibility of new window blinds, depending on your location and usage factors. Apart from moving along with the times, installing motorized window blinds offers many other benefits worth exploring – for both homeowners and professionals.

Remember, it’s all about making life easier for yourself when you get home; ensuring that you’re able to enjoy your home by optimising the small detail for more efficiency.

Thus, when it comes to choosing window coverings for various rooms in your home, exploring the following motorized window blind benefits may convince you to choose electric.

1. Child-proof.

Taking into consideration that window blind cords have been known as a choking hazard to animals and small children, choosing to go cordless would be the wisest option. Remember, when babies start crawling, they tend to explore every corner. The last thing you want is your child getting hold of a window blind cord. Rather be safe than sorry

2. Reduces the need to clean.

The more you tend to touch your window blinds in order to open them on a daily basis, the more you’re transferring dirt from your hands onto the fabric. Thus, you end up having to clean your window blinds more often – ensuring that you only use the correct cleaning methods and products suitable. With electric blinds for windows, you don’t have to worry about touching them ever again.

3. Less fabric wear and tear.

Automated blinds are made with the intent to open and close gradually. However, with manual window blinds, you often find yourself pulling and tugging in order to open or close them. By automating your window blinds, you’re reducing the over wear and tear on the fabric, allowing your window blinds to last longer. Remember, the better you take care of your window blinds, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy them.

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4. Added security.

Thinking about improving or increasing your home security? One of the most effective ways of doing so is to automate your window blinds – especially when you’re not home. You need to demonstrate some form of movement inside your home when you’re away on vacation. Thus, by automatically setting your window blinds to open during the day and close at night, it may seem as if you never left.

5. Energy efficient.

By allowing the sensor or timer to work for you, you’re able to close your window blinds or open them depending on the outside conditions. Thus, during the colder winter months, you’re able to open your window blinds automatically in order to let warm sunlight in (saving on heating costs). Alternatively, when summer rolls around, closing your window blinds to avoid the sun from heating up the room while the air conditioner is on will enable to the room to remain cool – all whilst using the sensor to tell the difference.

Knowing which type of window blinds to choose can be tricky, but opting for automation should be an easy choice. By taking the above-mentioned benefits into consideration, you’re bound to wonder why you haven’t done it years ago.

Remember, it’s all about saving money in the long run and reducing any wear and tear on your window blinds – ensuring that they’ll last much longer than conventional window coverings (depending on your overall usage, of course).

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