Window solutions: 4 affordable ways to save energy

Window solutions: 4 affordable ways to save energy

Finding less-expensive ways to save energy all year round can mean the difference between a reasonable utility bill and one that you simply can’t seem to afford. As energy usage does increase during specific times of the year, it’s no surprise that homeowners and businesses alike are trying to find ways to stretch the budget – often introducing simple, yet effective solutions to keeping windows warmer for longer. Remember, there’s nothing worse than spending more on utility bills than you absolutely need to.

Keep the following energy saving tips in mind when trying to find solutions to hefty utility bills:

1. Install High-Efficiency Low-E Coating Storm Windows.

If you’re interested in saving 10-15 percent on your overall energy saving, installing high-efficiency low-E Coating storm windows would be an affordable and effective way of doing so. Whether you’d like to install a storm window to the exterior of your home or as an interior panel to your existing windows, you’ll be able to reduce air infiltration and implement useful energy saving tips without breaking the bank. The low E-coating is a nearly invisible layer on top of the glass which reduces radiation and conduction heat/cool losses.

2. Opt for a window seal.

As an easy and affordable means of keeping your home temperature controlled than usual without the added utility costs, you can opt for a window seal in the form of a DIY project. Perhaps not as effective as alternative energy saving tips, it is an option for homeowners who would prefer not to stretch their current budget in order to achieve a quick fix solution. Visit your local hardware store to find all the necessary equipment such as seals, cloth, and a safety knife in order to complete the job.

3. Add awnings and overhangs.

Great from hot summer months and colder winter seasons, adding awnings or overhangs is a great way to save on energy costs and benefit from the sun’s heat when it matters most. Preventing the sunlight from entering your home in summer and allowing the low-angled winter sun to enter when you need it to, means an affordable, dual purpose solution to keeping your windows warm in winter. You’ll also be protected from rain entering your home if you wish to leave your windows open on a warm day.

4. Consider Whisper Cellular Shades.

Adding energy-efficient window blinds in your home/office will create an aesthetically pleasing look whilst reducing your energy usage by up to 32% – when installing Whisper Cellular Shades in particular. By creating an air pocket between the window and room interior, you’re able to maintain the current heat/cold with a honeycomb cell-shape without having to stretch your budget.


Flawless structure.

“Minimal light gaps delivered by the headrail design and maximized outside views with slimline hardware and minimal stack size.”


“Cellular fabrics are fire retardant* so you can enjoy total peace of mind.”

Unique construction.

Dust resistant fabrics provide easy maintenance and fabrics constructed with the unique D-Cell design ensures pleat retention.”

Innovating operating options.

“Versatile range of innovative lifting systems suitable for various window styles including skylights and shapes.”

Pleat retention with D-cell.

“D-Cell ensures your cellular pleat never falls out, so you have a perfect pleat for years.”

Indoor air-quality.

“For a fresh and healthy home, Whisper Cellular Fabrics have safe levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It is a smart choice for ensuring optimal air quality.”

Sound absorption.

“Perfect solution to absorb sound to quieten the home environment keeping exterior noise out.”

Original design.

“No other cellular product on the market compares to the quality that Whisper Cellular Shades have perfected for over 30 years.”

Trapping the air within the cell-shaped pockets means it’s difficult for air to escape whilst adding an extra layer of privacy and protection between you and exterior elements – keeping your home warmer in winter for longer and cooler in summer when need be.

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Whether you need a quick fix or a long-term solution to keeping temperatures regulated, ensuring that your energy saving options match your current décor make for a well-rounded home/business owner. Remember, keeping warm/cool is important, but maintaining a pleasant look is what makes a house a home.

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