How Do You Clean Fabric Roman Shades?

If you’re the proud owner of fabric Roman Shades and have a need for cleaning them every once in a while, you may be wondering the best way to possibly do that without causing damage to your purchase. Although it does depend on the type of fabric your Roman Shades are made of, there are certain precautions to take in order to get them clean.

When trying to figure out the best way to clean fabric Roman Shades, you may want to keep the following cleaning tips in mind – ensuring that your fabric Roman Shades remain in mint condition whilst cleaning them on a regular basis.

Ensure Weekly Dusting

Depending on the type of fabric Roman Shades, it’s best to dust them instead of opting for vacuum cleaning. Thus, if your fabric Roman Shades consists of quilting, delicate embroidery, or fine needlework, it’s best to implement dusting on a weekly basis to avoid excessive build up of dust particles. In order to clean your fabric Roman Shades thoroughly and prevent more build-up for dust than necessary, spray a dust repellent on your duster before initiating cleaning. Also, remember to apply a fabric freshener on a weekly basis.

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Delicately Vacuum Weekly

By implementing a vacuum or fabric brush, gently vacuum in between the folds of your fabric Roman Shades in order to get rid of any accumulating dust that may have found its way in spaces where it shouldn’t. Knowing how pesky dust particles can be to your health, it’s important to vacuum your Roman Shades once a week – particularly if you live in a dry region where dust accumulation is quite normal.

Wash And Dry By Machine

Depending on the type of material that your fabric Roman Shades are made of, you can wash them in the washing machine (if the type of fabric allows it). You can either leave the strings attached or remove them before placing the window blinds in the washing machine. However, it is important to all dowels from flat shades before placing them in the washing machine. Remember to use a liquid detergent instead of powder in order to avoid left over deposits on the material.

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Use Stain Remover Immediately

Never allow a stain to soak for too long. If you happen to get a non-greasy stain on your fabric Roan Shades (washable fabrics), use a tiny bit of club soda to get rid of the stain. However, when dealing with oily/greasy stains, apply a professional stain remover instead – ensuring that the stain is removed before it becomes a permanent problem. Remember, the best way to clean fabric Roman Shades is to remember to implement regular maintenance/care. Otherwise, you may end up with bigger cleaning problems than what’s absolutely necessary.

Implement Professional Dry Cleaning

For absolute special occasions or at least once a year, ensure that you professionally dry clean your fabric Roman Shades – especially if they’re made out of linen, wool, silk, or a fiberglass-blend fabric. Professionals will know exactly how to clean fabric Roman Blinds; in ways that you may not be aware of. Remember to point out the places where you’ve applied stain remover in order for them to treat the areas properly.

Bonus tip: Inspect your fabric Roman Shades regularly.

Knowing how to clean fabric Roman Shades can be quite tricky if you’re unsure of the proper methods. However, with professional help, you’re bound to have clean window blinds all year long. Be aware of the condition of your fabric Roman Shades after washing – checking for unravelled stitching, possibly damaged string loops, drooping hems in order to repair the mishaps before hanging your window blinds.

Whether your fabric Roman Shades are new additions to your home or you’ve made them part of the family for quite some time now, it always helps knowing how to care for them properly in order to ensure a long lifespan.

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