Sun Smart Awnings

Sun smart awnings for summer

In most parts of California, we’re lucky to have the sun all year round. The right amount of sun exposure gives us an important dose of Vitamin D to give us strong, healthy bones.
However, as temperatures start to rise and we opt for days outdoors over cozy nights in, it is important that we chase the sorely missed sunshine as safely as possible.

Custom made awnings

At Wynstan, we believe in keeping your family safe in the sun. We do our bit by offering a custom-made range of outdoor awnings. As summer rears its head, we move into the sunnier months with specials on numerous awnings for shade seekers varying from fixed zip style awnings for the home windows, to folding arm and free-standing conservatory awnings for the backyard.

Window coverings

Window covering awnings not only protect your furniture from sun damage during the warmer months, but also protect your health. Un-tinted glass windows do not block UV radiation meaning you and your family can still be exposed to harmful UV rays when spending extended periods of time through un-tinted windows when the UV is high.

Outdoor awnings

Sitting on the fence about equipping your home with an outdoor awning for you and your family? You could be missing out on a great addition to your household giving you the option to spend time outdoors while still staying sun smart. A folding arm awning is compact and wall-mounted, perfect for smaller yards. With the ability to be remote controlled and automated, these give you and your guests the ability to enjoy your outdoor space without any posts or ropes.

At Wynstan, we look to create products that are complimentary to your home and prove a functional purpose. If you’re thinking of creating a safer environment at home this summer, give us a call to book your free in-home measure in quote so that your Sun Smart awning can be up by the time the harsher rays show up.


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