Wynstan’s Awnings – Everything You Need To Know

Wynstan’s tailor made Awnings come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit your personal preferences and individual home or business. They are also made to suit the unpredictable weather.

Awnings can be installed virtually everywhere from your veranda, windows, front porch all the way to your pool patio. All of the fabrics used in Wynstan’s Awnings are made from quality fire-retardant and durable materials.

Alternatively, you can opt to install motorized Awnings which automatically react to weather extremes and can be linked to Wynstan’s WYNMOTION Home Automation System.

By installing Awnings, not only are you saving money on your energy bills by keeping your home well insulated all year round. On top of that, all Wynstan’s products come with a three-year warranty, which is how confident we are that you will love whatever you buy!

Here are five Awning products that we know you will love, as well as the differences between each, helping you make the right decision for your property.


These can be catered for and custom made to fit virtually any home or business. And not only will they offer privacy but they will also balance your inside temperatures regardless of the weather conditions outside.

They can be fitted over windows and doors in a variety of shapes and sizes, in fabrics ranging from acrylic, sunscreen and canvas. The two types of Automatic Awnings Wynstan sells are Standard and System 2000. The difference being, System 2000 offers more versatility as the length of the arms can be cut to any desired size.

Automatic Awnings are easy to operate as they have hand-operation, and can be raised or lowered to stop at any desired point with self-locking arms. They also include a head box which protects the roller mechanism, ensuring that you never have an issue with releasing your Awning.

Another benefit is their automatic retraction in extreme weather conditions, which keeps the Awnings fabric protected at all times. These Awnings are not just self-sufficient, but highly durable, cost effective and versatile for any home or business, in Melbourne or Sydney.


Canopy Awnings add a little bit of European charm to your property and a sense of character and style to your home.

Their main purpose is to shelter people walking through your doorway, but the style in which you do this can be varied, due to the wide range of options Wynstan’s provide.

From Eyelid Canopies to Fixed, Ellipse, Fixed Triangular, Dutch and Serene, you are bound to find a style that suits your home. In addition to this, you have the option to choose either a flat or scallop shaped trim.

Wynstan’s Canopy Awnings come in a variety of shapes and colors, and are a great option for restaurants, front door entrances or any business with an outdoor area that needs protection from the weather extremes all year round.


Providing shade for areas up to 10 metres in length, Folding Arm Awnings are the perfect accessory to your home if you often entertain outside, and they can be custom made to suit your outdoor requirements.

They are designed to be mounted on the wall, so that no ropes or posts get in your way of hosting, which also adds an additional child friendly element to them.

Once you are finished with your Folding Arm Awning, it retracts into a package that sits against a wall, meaning that they don’t take up any floor space or aesthetically look out of place.

Wynstan’s offers two types of Folding Arm Awnings. The first being Semi-Cassette, which can be placed under eaves or ceiling mounted. In addition to this, extra protection is guaranteed on the fabric of your choice from weather, adding longevity. These Awnings are ideal for the erratic weather climates in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney.

The second option is Full-Cassette, which is ideal for large patios, pool side areas or outdoor terraces. When retracted, the fabric is guaranteed the same level of protection as it is fully enclosed in the cassette.

These are both operated by crank handle methods, however, you can always automate your Awnings for extra convenience and reliability. This means that in weather extremes, with wind and sun sensors, your Awnings will automatically retract and can even be linked to your home automation system, adding additional security and protection.


Wynstan’s Straight Drop Awnings systems can be assembled anywhere around your property, from outdoor entertaining terraces to the exterior of a window.

These Awnings run at a 90-degree angle straight to the ground, furthermore, adding a level of privacy.

You can choose from an extensive range of acrylic or canvas fabrics or alternatively opt for a sunscreen fabric that offers protection from UV rays. You can even choose to have them installed in clear PVC plastics, to protect yourself and your guests from the weather without obstructing your view.

These Awnings come in three different types and can also be automated. The first is the standard Straight Drop Awning, which does not require a post or channel and the fabric fastens at the base when fully retracted.

The second option is the Cable Guide Channel Awning. This is where the fabric is attached to discreet metal cables which run down the side of the Awning, granting you protection and extra resistance from extreme temperatures.

The strongest and most secure out of the three options is the Zip Channeling Awning. This is where the fabric is held into the channels via an internal zip, ensuring the fabric is secure is all types of weather situations, including strong winds.


Fixed Steel Awnings will add style to your property and are a great addition to your home if you regularly entertain outdoors. In large cosmopolitan cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, these Awnings are ideal for entertaining in the middle of Summer right to the peak of Winter.

They can be tailor made to fit your requirements, and can slope anywhere between 15 to 45 degree angles. If you require a large Awning, an expert in our team will also suggest adding a post to enhance stability.

With superior strength and guaranteed weather protection in even the harshest of extremes, Fixed Steel Awnings are a practical and useful feature to add to your home.

The aesthetic features of these Fixed Awnings can also be tailor made. You can choose to have vertical stripes, patterns or a bold color such as Tuscan Red, and with fifteen colors to choose from COLORBOND® steel, you are bound to find something you love.

The lack of cords and cables also means that they are child friendly, giving you further peace of mind.

Our 3 years’ warranty guarantee is our promise to you that you will love our products, made specifically with longevity, durability and unpredictable weather extremes in mind.

Choose quality, choose safety, choose long-lasting products. Choose Wynstan.


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