Easy to maintain and tougher than ever, Crimsafe Ultimate screens are 40% stronger than our Crimsafe Regular.


When choosing to protect your home contents and your family, adding a security screen seems like the obvious choice. However, with so many options on the market, it’s easy to see how anyone can get confused. Easy to maintain and tougher than ever, Crimsafe Ultimate screens are 40% stronger than the regular product. Featuring twice as many tamper-resistant screws, Crimsafe Ultimate fastens the mesh to the frame at more frequent intervals. The wider frame is stronger against jemmy attacks. Meanwhile, a clip-on cover creates a sealed chamber that conceals and protects the screws – they cannot be seen or accessed by a burglar.

When choosing a security screen, it’s important to consider strength as well as aesthetics – knowing that your chosen security screen door needs to match the rest of your décor style and architectural preferences. However, a security screen door is only as strong as the taper-resistant screws which hold the mesh in place. Since the Crimsafe Ultimate security screen door contains mesh which is 40% stronger than the competition, it’s important to make sure the mesh is securely tightened in place to prevent the mesh from being ripped off.

The greater strength of Crimsafe Ultimate means it can span wider and higher than other security screen options — opening without compromising its structural integrity. This makes it perfect for indoor/outdoor rooms, balconies, and porch enclosures. Slim-line construction hides the fastening system from view and the curved profile is sleek and elegant.

The fasteners are completely protected from the elements. Crimsafe Ultimate has been tested to withstand the equivalent of 30 years of exposure to harsh environments. A unique sealing system provides even more protection against environmental forces and intruders, as well as giving the screens a modern aesthetic.

The last thing you want is to invest valuable money into a security screen door which will only last for a few years, having to replace it sooner than initially thought. Crimsafe Ultimate screen doors have been tested and tried to replicate normal wear and tear over a significant lifespan – ensuring that your purchase will be able to protect you in times of need for a few years still to come.

Remember, emergencies happen when you least expect them, which is why it’s important to know that you’re protected at all times. Not having to worry about pesky bugs entering your home, you’re able to enjoy the view without feeling covered up or trapped indoors. You’re able to allow a slight breeze whilst enjoying everyday tasks indoors – knowing that you’re safe from external dangers lurking around the corner.

Cleaning is a breeze as the assembly system uses a unique curved profile and includes dual Santoprene beading in a curved-edge design that helps prevent the accumulation of dust. Ask about the range of frame colors and the option for five years extended warranty, up to 15 years.

Our team of professionals are always on hand to help you find the perfect home security solution to match your budget and needs. We also supply Crimsafe Window Security Screens which secure your windows without spoiling your view.

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I want more security for my windows and doors, but I don’t want anything unsightly… do your Crimsafe windows still allow lots of natural light into my home?

The Crimsafe doors allow through the same amount of light as you would expect from a fly screen. Crimsafe Ultimate allows the breeze through, but keep out any unwanted bugs and flies.

Can the Crimsafe windows and doors be customized to fit in with my home or are they standard sizes?

All Crimsafe products are built to the exact specifications of your home. It is our aim to add peace-of-mind and security to your home without compromising all those little details that keep your house looking like a home.

How strong is Crimsafe?

We have a number of factsheets that refer to the various levels of rigorous testing that Crimsafe undergoes to maintain its high status. If you have the time watch this video that was posted by Channel 5

Is the Crimsafe mesh resistant to pet damage?

Our mesh is knife resistant, shear resistant, bash resistant and resistant to tool or baseball bat attacks. As strong as man’s furry friends can be, they are also no match for Crimsafe. Crimsafe mesh is just as resilient to pet damage as it is to an intruder attempting to break into your home.

Is Crimsafe mesh available in any other color?

Unfortunately, the mesh is only available in one color – black. The reason for this is that black absorbs light, thus allowing visibility through the mesh. The black powder-coat also provides UV blocking abilities, which can help keep up to 62% of the sun’s harmful rays from entering one’s home and still allows fresh air to flow through.

Can Crimsafe mesh be kicked in?

Crimsafe’s patented Security Mesh Clamp System prevents Crimsafe products from being cut, kicked down or pried open. The woven stainless steel mesh is sandwiched between two serrated pieces of aluminum, and then screwed into place. When hit by an impact like a kick, Crimsafe spreads the load around the whole frame and back into the structure of the building.

Do the bedrooms need to have a Safe-S-Cape?

For safety reasons, in the state of California, there must be at least one escape route available in one of the bedrooms of your home. In case of an emergency, the Safe-S-Cape allows easy passage from the inside out, while maintaining its security standards and keeping all the bad guys out. With its unique keyless exit system, the Safe-S-Cape can only be opened from the inside of the home, and only one window per bedroom must be a Safe-S-Cape.

What kind of locks are used on Crimsafe products?

Crimsafe uses an egress lock, an entrance lock that allows a door to be easily opened from the inside with one single action. The lock requires a key for access on the exterior of the home, but the egress allows quick evacuation from the interior with just one turn of the latch. For safety reasons, this feature allows quick evacuation through a locked door with only one motion.

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