Panel Glides

Inspired by the totally on-trend Asian-style interiors, with large panels and simplistic functions, Panel Glides give any room a sleek and contemporary look. The glides are a system of panels attached to a carrier running along a discreet track, which allows for the optional addition of a fashionable pelmet. Panel glides can also be used as stylish room dividers, making them a stylish alternative to traditional partitioning systems. They can also cover large openings such as doorways.

Choose from an exciting and elegant range of patterned, colored and textured fabrics. Bold prints can add a dash of color and personality to apartments and stylish muted tones soften the light in larger rooms. Elegant timber battens can be added for a more structured appearance.

Due to their simple mechanism and low maintenance requirements, Panel Glides are perfect for commercial settings or as a room divider. Each panel is anchored with a pocketed weight at the bottom to reduce wind interference. Each panel can also be removed from the track for cleaning – most fabrics are easily spot-cleaned with soapy water. Panel Glides are operated by hand, wand or a cord control system.